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Jess Nordquist is a UX designer and researcher based in Austin, TX. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where she studied design and interactive media.
Jess utilizes a human-centered design approach, a process developed during her years immersed in UX for the rental housing industry where she was mentored by a former senior product development alum of Intuit Innovation LabsShe was also greatly influenced by her time interning with the user research team at Karten, a renowned industrial design and innovation studio based in Marina del Rey, CA.

Jess is interested in opportunities that utilize design-thinking and collaboration, from tech to non-tech applications, to discover pathways and solutions that have a greater positive impact on the way we live and improve overall public well-being.

There is a difference between complexity and complicated. Designed well, complex tasks like driving a car can be as easy as riding a bike (and just as fun)!


— NOD TO DONALD NORMAN’S “The Design of Everyday Things” 

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